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MDL-801 environment drilling rig

The whole machine adopts a new lifting structure with slip and offset function, and the construction scope is wider.


Engineering Drilling Rig


Main features:

1. The whole machine adopts a new lifting structure with slip and offset function, and the construction scope is wider.

2. The power head of drilling rig adopts the high end drive type impact rotary power head, high torque, high frequency and high construction efficiency.

3. The new type of propulsion frame is rigid and light, and it is equipped with high-end lift motor speed reducer to increase the pressure and lift force.

4. Install the top roll, make the upper and lower drill pipe and casing easy, and reduce the manual labor intensity.

5. The new type of orifice device has a large clamping force and a wider clamping range, and the multi-point slip structure is more reliable and does not damage the drill pipe.

6. The new type of folding control table can be extended to the orifice to facilitate observation and avoid misoperation.

7. The new type of pilot proportional hydraulic system, high efficiency and responsive, makes the operation more simple and reliable.

Scope of application:

1. Single, dual-pipe gas lift is circulating rock dust sampling.

2. Apply to the soil layer, and the spiral drill pipe of sand layer is drilled in high speed and deep hole, and the environmental monitoring well is set up.

3. It is suitable for drilling holes in rock formations, backfill layers and other complex stratum, so as to meet soil sampling and set up environmental monitoring Wells.

Technical parameters:

Power head

Power head type

YDH - 80 - b

Power head output torque.

14000 nm

Power head output speed.

12 ~ 140 r/min

Power head impact work.

900 nm

Power head impact frequency.

1200 ~ 2100 BPM

Power head stroke

2800 mm

Power head bit shank diameter.

112 mm

Lift and push frame.

Propulsive form

Box type + lift motor.


4900 mm

Feed force

62 kn


62 kn

Feed speed

36 m/min


36 m/min

The tower Angle

0 ° to 100 °

Set the scheduling

- 10 ° and 25 °

Slide stroke

1200 mm

Auxiliary winding lifting force.

10 kn

Orifice device

Scope of blessing

Φ 76 ~ Φ 250 mm

Slip type


The orifice is fixed.

Belt guide sleeve and fixture.

Caterpillar chassis

Maximum traction

130 kn

Walking speed

0.8 km/h

Track width

400 mm

Width of track

2000 mm

Ground pressure

4.9 N/cm squared

Chassis rotation Angle

360 °

Chassis rotation

Rotary reducer + rotary support.

Chassis positioning method

Mechanical brake

The hydraulic system


315 mm

Maximum working pressure

200 bar

Hydraulic tank capacity

450 l


Diesel engine model

6 bta5. 9 - C180

Diesel engine rated power.


Diesel tank capacity


Weight and size

The weight

6000 kg

Transport size L*W*H.

5735 * 2080 * 2510

Construction size L*W*H.

4500 * 2080 * 5500

MDL-801 environment drilling rig