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XY-4-3 core drilling rig

The xy-4-3 drilling rig has the following improvements in structure except the original XY-4 drill.


Exploration Drilling Rig


Main features:

The xy-4-3 drilling rig has the following improvements in structure except the original XY-4 drill.

1. Increase the hole diameter of the rotary device to 96mm, with the supporting of the six-square machine tool with 89mm.

2. Increase the tower frame of the human frame structure, (which can be prepared according to the needs of users).

3. Add self-dragging device.

4, increasing the reduction gear, can maintain high-speed rotary drilling rig, meet the needs of core drilling, and can obtain low speed rotation of drilling rig, meet the needs of the engineering drilling machine, if necessary 6 pole motor, drill vertical shaft rotation speed can be reduced to 24 revolutions per minute, hoist on increased the anchor head device, and can do the pump cooling device according to user's requirements, to meet the needs of the winding in deep hole drilling.

5, XY-4-3 and XY-4 rig are versatile, interchangeable, and replace the gyroscope and other parts can be changed to XY-4-3.

Scope of application:

In order to expand rig using range, to adapt to the core, hydrology, water well drilling, engineering geology, engineering construction, the requirements of a variety of utility, satisfy the rope coring drilling, reverse circulation drilling technology needs, we retrofit design of XY - 4 type drilling rig, designed to XY - 4-3 type drilling rig.This machine can increase gyrator hole diameter, the added tower, since the towing device, etc., so that both can be used in core drilling, can also be applicable to the engineering geology, hydrology and water well drilling, engineering construction project.

Technical parameters:

1. Drilling ability

When the aperture is 300mm, the hole depth is 200 ~ 400m.

When the aperture is 500mm, the hole depth is 50 ~ 100m;

When the aperture is 1000mm, the hole depth is 20 ~ 50m.

Borehole inclination: 360 °

2. Gyroscope (when power is 1500r/min)

Speed (16 gears) : 37 ~ 985 r/min.

Vertical stroke: 600mm.

Shaft diameter: 95 mm.

Maximum pressure: 60 kN.

Maximum lift force: 80 kN.

3. Hoist (when power is 1500r/min)

Lifting speed (tier 3) : 0.82;1.53;2.16;3.13 m/s

Lifting capacity: 29 kN.

Diameter of wire rope: 15.5mm.

Capacity: 52 m

4. Rack: mobile oil cylinder stroke: 520 mm.

5. Power (selected by users)

Diesel engine: ZH400P, 40kW, 2000r/min.

Motor: y225s-437kw, 1480r/min.

Or y225m-6,30kw, 980r/min.

6. Dimensions (length x width x height) : 2700 * 1000 * 1750 mm.

7. Weight (excluding power) : 2000 kg.