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XY-44 core rig

In order to adapt to the need of geological exploration developing gradually to the depth, jiangsu wuxi exploration machinery general factory co., ltd.


Core Drilling Rig


In order to adapt to the need of geological exploration developing gradually to the depth, jiangsu wuxi exploration machinery general factory co., ltd. has designed a new xy-44 core drill with high drilling capacity based on xy-4 drilling rig.It is not only used for core drilling based on alloy and diamond, but also used in engineering geological survey.

Main features:

1. With a large number of speed series (level 8) and a reasonable speed range, the low-speed torque is large (up to 3200n.m), which is not only suitable for alloy and diamond core drilling, but also suitable for engineering geological survey, hydro-well drilling and foundation pile engineering construction.

2. The hole diameter of vertical shaft is large (80mm), the hydraulic feed of double oil cylinder is long (up to 600mm), and the process has strong adaptability, which is especially suitable for the drilling of large-diameter drill pipe rope coring (upper coring), which is conducive to improving the drilling efficiency and reducing the hole accidents.

3. Large drilling capacity, rated drilling depth of 71mm diameter coring drill pipe can reach 1000m.

4. Light weight, good dismountability, 2150kg net weight of drill, the main engine can be decomposed into 10 parts (the maximum dismountable part weight is 300kg), convenient to move and suitable for working in mountainous areas.

5. Water brake, deep hole drilling, smooth and safe drilling.

6. Single gear oil pump is used to supply oil, which is easy to install and easy to use, with low power consumption, low oil temperature of hydraulic system and stable operation.The system is equipped with a hand-operated oil pump, which can be used when the power fails to work.

7. With compact structure and reasonable layout, all components are exposed and do not overlap each other for easy maintenance, maintenance and repair.

8. Low center of gravity, long moving distance (up to 460mm), stable and reliable, and high speed drilling stability.

9. It is equipped with a shock-proof instrument, which has a long life and is conducive to mastering the condition of the hole. The handle is less flexible and reliable.

Scope of application:

Drilling of water and water well and construction of large diameter foundation engineering.The machine has reasonable structure, light weight, large capacity, wide use, stable performance, strong reliability, high degree of standardization and generalization.

Technical parameters:

1. Drilling capacity

2, drilling Angle: 0 ~ 360 °

3. Power machine:

4. Rotary

Type: double cylinder hydraulic feed rotary type

Shaft hole diameter: 80mm

Vertical shaft speed:

Vertical shaft maximum torque: 3.2 kn.m

Vertical shaft travel: 600mm

Maximum lifting force of vertical shaft: 120kN

Maximum load on vertical axis: 90kN

5. Hoist

Type: planetary gear transmission

Diameter of wire rope: 17.5mm6W(16) or 18.5mm6 x 19

Reel capacity of wire rope:

(17.5mm)(170kg/ square mm) 110m

(18.5mm)(170kg/ square mm) 90m

Maximum lifting force per rope: 45kN

When the motor speed is 1500r/min: 0.70;1.29;1.84;2.68 m/s

6. Clutch

Type: dry single disc friction clutch

7. Transmission

Type: sliding gear gearbox (4 positive and 1 negative)

8, oil pump

Type: single gear oil pump

Delivery: 20 ml/r

9. Water brake

Working speed: 700 ~ 1800r/min

Single rope balancing speed: 3 ~ 8m/s

Balance load of single rope: 45kN

10 and frame

Type: skid-mounted (speed slide base)

Back stroke of drill: 460mm

11. External dimension (length x width x height) : 3030 x 1100 x 1890mm

12, power

Motor: y225m-4 45kw

Diesel engine: R4105G53 model 42kw 1500r/min

13. Weight (without power) : 2300kg