XITEC (JIANGSU XI TEC ENVIRONMENTAL & DRILLING EQUIPMENT COMPANY CO..LTD.) wasestablished in 1956 and now has transfomed and developed into a speciaized,refined,and innovativetechnology enterprise.Awarded as a national high-tech enterprise,technology-based small and mediumsized enterprise,Wuxi Gazelle Enterprise,with Jiangsu Engineering Technology Center and ProvincialPostdoctoral lnnovation Practice Base.Developed and innovated through independent research anddevelopment,and won the first prize of Jiangsu Geotechnical Society Science and Technology ProgressAward;Second Prize of China Business Science and Technology Progress Award.WVe have 10 nationalhigh-tech products,2 national scientific and technological research projects,and a total of 120 inventionand utility model patents.
      The company's main business products include a series of inteligent mechanical equipment such assmart environmental equipment,smart energy equipment,and smart pile construction equipment.Widelyused in national major projects such as green environmental protection,basic engineering,and geologicaldisasters,smart environmental equipment dominates in the field of soil investigation andremediation,breaking the monopoly of high-end soil sampling rigs by foreign models and filing the gap innational key industries.