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GXY-1 Type Gelogical Exploration drilling rig

High input power, high output torque and strong drilling ability of the drill rig.


Exploration Drilling Rig


Main features:

1. High input power, high output torque and strong drilling ability of the drill rig.

2. The output speed range of drilling rig is wide, which is suitable for both engineering geological survey and diamond core drilling.

3. The drill rig is equipped with a box opener, which is easy to operate the hole.

4. It has oil pressure feeding mechanism, and the upper end of the vertical shaft is equipped with a ball-clip clamping mechanism to improve drilling efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

5. The drill is equipped with an active drill pipe, which can realize the reverse lever without stopping, with high efficiency and safety and reliability.

6. The rig adopts the double-disc normally closed friction clutch, which is flexible in opening and closing and convenient in operation and adjustment.

7. The driller gearbox adopts the auto gearbox structure, with one-handed transmission and interlocking mechanism, which is easy to operate.

8. Separate the drill and the pump. The pump and drill are separately provided with power, which can improve the output torque of the drill.

9. With compact structure, small size and light weight, the largest part is within 100kg, easy to disassemble and carry, suitable for working in hills or mountains.

Scope of application:

Gxy-1 vertical shaft drilling machine is suitable for engineering geological survey, solid mineral deposit survey, blasting holes and inspection holes of various concrete structures, etc. According to different strata, diamond, cemented carbide, spiral and other bits can be selected for drilling.

Technical parameters:

1. Drilling capacity

Aperture: 150,76mm

Hole depth: 50, 150 m

Borehole inclination: 360 °

2. Drill pipe diameter: 43 mm

3. Rotary

Speed :(positive rotation) 61;163;338;654, (inversion) 45 r/min

Stroke: 500mm

Maximum pressure: 20 kN

Maximum pulling force: 25kn

Maximum distance from ground to bottom of vertical shaft: 600mm

4. Hoist

Lifting speed: 0.2;0.52;1.05;2.06 m/s

Maximum lifting capacity (single rope low speed) : 15kN

5, power

Diesel engines: S1100 or S1100M

Motor: 11kW,2200r/min

6. Weight: about 500 kg

7. External dimensions (transportation status, length x width x height) : 1450 x 970 x 1280 mm

GXY-1 Type Gelogical Exploration drilling rig