[XITEC News] The "Factory in Factory" fire escape and limited space emergency drill have achieved complete success

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The "Factory in Factory" fire escape and limited space emergency drill have achieved complete success

    In order to better implement the special rectification work of deepening the "Factory in Factory" safety production in Wuxi City, and in accordance with the requirements of the 16th National Disaster Prevention and Reduction Week of "Everyone talks about safety, everyone knows emergency - focusing on improving grassroots disaster prevention and avoidance capabilities", on the afternoon of May 13th, the "Factory in Factory" fire escape and limited space emergency drill activity in Meicun Street, sponsored by the Meicun Street Emergency Management Bureau and undertaken by Wuxi Exploration Machinery Factory and Wuxi Anchuang Safety Training Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province, was successfully completed!
    Ms. Zhu Rongjie, Vice Chairman and General Manager of XITEC , Gao Qianfeng, Director of Meicun Street Office, Qian Guofeng, Deputy Director of Xinwu District Emergency Management Bureau, Yang Xiaojie, Safety Committee Office and Fire Rescue Brigade of Xinwu District, and other relevant department heads attended the drill activity. Leaders of 136 "factory in factory" tenants attended to observe.
    XITEC organized the establishment of evacuation teams, technical support teams, communication and liaison teams, logistics support teams, medical rescue teams, and on-site command and rescue teams for enterprises settled in the park to conduct fire emergency drills. Executive Vice President Zhang Zhenzhong served as the overall commander to guide this drill.
    A sudden fire broke out in a combustible workshop of an industrial enterprise, producing thick smoke. Employees quickly followed the command, evacuated in an orderly manner, and took corresponding firefighting measures. When the fire spread too quickly and the self rescue efforts of the enterprise were ineffective, the government department was requested for support. The relevant emergency units of the street quickly arrived at the scene to carry out the rescue. After the unremitting efforts of each unit, the accident was successfully disposed of.
    During the emergency drill, everyone strictly followed the requirements of the plan and quickly and orderly completed various tasks, demonstrating good professional skills, fully reflecting the fire safety awareness and emergency response ability of the participants, as well as the spirit of cooperation and tacit understanding between the team.
    Safety production is related to the stable development of enterprises and the life safety of employees. XITEC will use this emergency drill as a foundation and rely on regular activities such as the Safety Production Month to continuously implement the "Five Entries" work of safety production promotion, effectively enhance the fire safety awareness and emergency capabilities of various enterprises and employees in the park, improve the emergency plan system, ensure the safe and stable operation of enterprises, and contribute to the regional economic and social development.
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